Text Box: The purpose of Eastern Oregon All Terrain Vehicle Association is to preserve and expand local motorcycle and ATV riding opportunities, through education, cooperation and determination.  There is a definite threat to motorized recreation all over the country as well as right here in Northeast Oregon.  We intend to fight to keep our present riding areas open as well as expand areas for the future.
EOATVA is a 501 (c)(7) non-profit organization.


Eastern Oregon

All Terrain Vehicle Association, Inc

P.O. Box 571

La Grande, Oregon 97850


Email:    mbarber@eoni.com

Message Phone:  541-805-0172




  President– Chris Hedden  786-5675

  Vice President– Larry Cribbs 963-4521

Sec/Treas– Mark Barber   963-8147  mbarber@eoni.com

  Rob Williamson

  Gary Hedden

  Kelly Haggerty

  Scott Rivard


Next meeting: September 12 2017, 7 P.M., Island City, City Hall



          If anyone has been looking at this site it is obvious I have been neglecting it. I hope to do a better job of keeping things up to date this year. I would still like to find someone to revamp our website though. It is old and stale. It just needs updated. If anyone knows of someone that could help out with that, please let me know.



          We had a good turnout for the Fair Parade this year. No ribbon this year though.



          As you know, the fire danger is very high. Please obey all of the restrictions. We do not need to have any of our trail system burned up.




          Our new section of single track has been getting a lot of use. We have been trying to get the next section (across 208) opened up but the fire danger has us at a stop right now. Rob and I have most of it cut out and the brush cut back. We just need the weather to cooperate and to get the Kubota in there to pull a bunch of brush for us. I will let you know when we get it open.


          We had our annual MERA work day on June 3. Five of us worked on the new “Snag” trail. Mark L. brought up a prototype tiller from Barreto Mfg. It worked pretty well in the soft stuff. A lot easier than digging by hand.

          The ATV group cleaned up around the kids loop. The jeepers did some work and planning on their trails. It was a good turnout, but as always we could have used more bodies.


                                                          GROUP RIDES

          Group rides were kind of a bust last year. I don’t know if we will try again this year or not. That will come up for discussion at the meeting.


          Breshears is open. It still needs brush cut back in places and some smaller things are still hanging over the trail. The upper bridge on Bell Cr. Trail is hanging in there, and I mean that literally. The water was running behind the barrier they placed a couple of years ago and is continuing to wash the footing out. I’m not sure what the plan is to save it. The Forest Service is aware of the situation and looking into what they need to do.



          We are going to set up some evaluations again this year. OMRA has obtained permission for us to evaluate ATV’s this year, to go along with motorcycles. As with motorcycles this will not be a training, but an evaluation to show that the kids know how to ride. Dates will be posted on the rideATVoregon.org website.

          We had an evaluation on August 19 and had 9 kids show up. Unless I get enough people interested in holding another class in September, that will be the last one until next spring. If I can get 4 or more kids committed to a date we will do another one. Let me know if there is any interest.


                                                         Volunteer Hours

          We need to keep better track of our volunteer hours. This applies to both MERA and Forest Service lands. Anytime you do any trail or road clearing on the F.S., keep track of the time you spent and the road/trail number. This all counts toward club volunteer hours, and has the added benefit of letting the F.S. know what roads are being used, giving them more reason to keep them open. You can report them to me at any time. Contact info is below, in box on the left.


                                                            WORK DAYS


          I will try to post works days on here and on facebook, if I know a couple of days in advance what my plans are. We are on hold until the fire danger comes down. We need some cooler weather and some moisture in the ground before we can do any more work on MERA. Breshears always needs brush work, but no power tools are allowed right now.




          I added some new photos on a couple of pages.

Text Box: The following businesses have donated scrap metal, iron, aluminum, etc. or other items, to help fund club operations.  Please support them and thank them for helping us.

Eagle Freightliner  60596 Cristad Rd, La Grande  963-8551
Hagerman Truck Parts  82891 Bud Draper Dr., Umatilla   922-6455
R.S. Davis Recycling, Inc.  30775 E. Bagget Lane, Hermiston   567-9167
Laurence’s Auto Body   1208 Willow St., La Grande    963-3427
M.J Goss Motor Co.   1415 Adams Ave, La Grande    963-4161
AC Power Sports  10701 Walton Rd, La Grande  663-1111
Outlaw Motor Sports inc.  504 NW 1st, Enterprise  426-3491 or 888 603-1273 
Cliff’s Saws and Cycles Inc.  2619 10th, Baker City  523-2412

  Last update, 08/19/2017

First trip up to Breshaers in 2017

The bridge is hanging in there, but not looking good long term.